Alliance Centre for Women Empowerment

University Overview

he Alliance Center for Women Empowerment was recently inaugurated on Monday, February 11, 2013 at Alliance University to promote awareness on women’s issues. The Centre was inaugurated by Mr. Sivakumar Mathada, Registrar, Alliance University in the presence of Dr. P. Selvie Das, Ex Vice-Chancellor University of Mysore; Member, Board of Governors, Alliance University and Ms. Donna Fernandes from VIMOCHANA, a non-government organization.

The Alliance Centre for Women Empowerment at the University aims to reach out to women’s groups in the society at large by addressing issues related to social activism, while focusing on atrocities against women. The Centre will also act to safeguard and protect the rights of women at Alliance University—comprising a substantial proportion of the members of the University community—and while being empowered to promote women’s safety, it will also handle cases referred to its sub-committee against the harassment of women students and employees. In addition, the Centre plans to conduct capacity building programs for women self-help groups from among local communities.