Prof. H.N. Srikanta

  • Assistant ProfessorALLIANCE SCHOOL OF LAW

Contact Info:

  • 080 30938100/200

Prof. H. N. Srikanta has come up from a poor agrarian family by share dint of hard work. He has graduated from “National collage” whichwas a greateducational institution at that time National educational society was steered by none other than Dr.H.Narasimhaiyawho was a great educationist and disciplinarian. Then there after got selected for Government service by “KPSC” and worked as “Commercial tax officer” for three decades. The quest andthirst for learning has made him to acquire the Master Degree in “Business Administration” (MBA) and Master Degree in “Business Law” (LLM).He has proficient in handling the process of “VALUE ADDED TAXATION” and was one of the officers to get trained on the system by the “Government of Karnataka” in collaboration with “M/s Crown Agency London”. He has taken “VRS” from government service to pursue the higher learning and has worked in Institutions like “NIILM” school of business, DayanandSagarUniversity and Oxford collage of law and before coming to this institution he was principal of Jain law school. He has undertaken certain projects to mention a few,

  • The influence of Karl Marx on labor legislation 2010.
  • An analysis of value added taxation in Karnataka 2010.
  • An analysis of goods and service tax in India 2011.
  • Development of technology due to implementation of goods and service tax in India 2012.

Finally He has undertaken research work in the field of human resource work in the field of human resource management and is pursuing his “Doctorate” Degree.