Naveen Kumar T.

  • M.Sc
  • M.Phil
  • Ph.D
  • Associate Professor of Chemistry, Head Of Basic Sciences,ALLIANCE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND DESIGN

Contact Info:

  • 080 30938100/200
Work Experience Academics : 10 years
Research : 4 years
Area of Specialization/Interest General Chemistry and Drug Kinetics
Conferences National Conferences
1. Presented paper entitled “SPECTROPHOTOMETRIC ESTIMATION OF DONEPEZIL HYDROCHLORIDE IN TABLETS” in state level “5th Annual KSTA Conference on Science and Technology for Societal Transformation” Organized by KSTA and DSI on 19th and 20th December 2012.
2. Presented paper entitled “KINETICS AND MECHANISM OF OXIDATION OF DICLOXACILLIN SODIUM [DXS] BY CHLORAMINE-T [CAT] IN [HCL] MEDIUM” in UGC sponsored one day national conference on “Frontier areas in chemical science -2015” Organized by Bharathi education trust on 10 January 2015.
3. Presented paper entitled NAB Coatings for corrosion protection in EROCORR 2017.
4.KINETICS AND MECHANISM OF OXIDATION OF DONEPEZIL HYDROCHLORIDE BY CHLORAMINE-T [CAT] IN [HCL] MEDIUM, Accepted for presentation in National Conference on Recent Trends in applied sciences amd techmology.
Publications International journal publications
1.KINETICS AND MECHANISM OF OXIDATION OF DICLOXACILLIN SODIUM [DXS] BY CHLORAMINE-T [CAT] IN [HCL] MEDIUM, published in world journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences Volume 4, Issue 2. 673-684 ISSN 2278-4357 Impact factor 2.786.
2. The research manuscript entitled “Spectro and Electroanalytical studies of interaction of dicloxacillin sodium with copper acetate” accepted for publication in materials today; PROCEEDINGS.
3. Synthesis, applications and future perspectives of the small art Nanoscience’s risen as a technology. published in world journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. Volume 6, Issue 10, 459-466,
SJIF Impact Factor 6.647,
ISSN 2278 – 4357

4. Chemical Kinetics- A study determining the transformation of a good food gone bad. Published in international journal of applied science.
5. “ NAB Coatings for corrosion protection” Published in Eurocorr (20th International Corrosion Congress) held in Prague, Czech Republic Europe 3 – 7 September 2017
Projects completed and ongoing “Spectroanalytical analysis of drug molecules” -5 Lacks-Principal Invigilator
“SERB project” – 30 Lacks- Principal Investigator
“Spectrokinetic Analysis of Biological Important molecules” – 25 Lacks- Co- Investigator
“ Extraction of Biofuels( Green Petrol ) from cashew nut oil: Evaluation of properties and performance of the blended green petrol with gasoline – Co investigator -30 Lacks
Honors and rewards State Level Debate Competition – 1st prize,2003
Best Teacher Award , Dayanand Sagar College Of Engineering
Highlights Accomplished Researcher in General Chemistry, Engaging Public Speaker, Inspiring Lecturer and Graduate mentor.