Ph. D. in Management

The Doctoral Program (Ph. D.) in Management offered by Alliance School of Business, Alliance University balances solid grounding in the fundamentals of the discipline with the flexibility to combine and create new knowledge that is derived from a doctoral student's research interest. Doctoral students are expected to pursue academically rigorous coursework and work independently on a research topic that develops and leads to the completion of a doctoral dissertation. Doctoral students will be part of an intellectually-stimulating and demanding environment that requires participation in seminars, interactive discussions and workshops, which are delivered by research scholars, faculty and experts from the respective areas. Doctoral students are encouraged to develop original ideas, collaborate on research projects and present their work at major national and international conferences.

Areas for Research

The doctoral study at the Alliance School of Business is offered in the following areas of specialization:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Organization, Leadership and Human Resources
  • Systems and Operations

In the event that a doctoral student selects an interdisciplinary area of research, the University would consider such request on a case-by-case basis.

Program Duration

The program admits both internal and external doctoral students. The normal duration of the program of study for internal and external doctoral students is three years and four years respectively. Extension will be granted to deserving students on a case-by-case basis contingent upon the progress made on the research work.

Award of the Ph. D. Degree

On successful completion of the coursework and the consequent defense of the doctoral dissertation by the doctoral student, Alliance University shall confer upon the doctoral student the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) in Management.


Quantitative and Computational Methods
Statistical Analysis
Business Research Methods
Microeconomic Theory
Note: All students study Management Science irrespective of their choice of specialization.
Advanced Marketing Theory and Models
Consumer Behavior and Constructs
Marketing Strategy and Corporate Growth
Teaching Development in Marketing
Advanced Corporate Finance
Financial Markets, Institutions and Services
Management of Banking
Teaching Development in Finance
Contemporary Human Resource Research Areas
Strategic Human Resource Management
Teaching Development in Organization Behaviour and Human Resource
Advanced Production Management
Information Systems Foundations and Theory
Contemporary Topics and Research Approaches in Systems and Operations
Teaching Development in Systems and Operations

All students study Management Science irrespective of their choice of specialization.