The Master of Technology in Information Technology (IT) focuses on the integration of information technology with business problems and opportunities, enabling information systems professionals to understand technological issues as well as business concepts and fundamentals. This program provides good insight into technical and management courses and is helpful to students to progress faster in the corporate hierarchy.
Alliance College of Engineering and Design (ACED), Alliance University, offers degree programs aimed at building skill, expertise and knowledge among its graduates, in the areas of technology and design. (ACED) has been built on a strong foundation of achieving technological development through an industry-integrated curriculum that provides unparalleled scope for graduates to pursue technological education with passion and confidence.
In the world that is continuously evolving with technology, the 2-year Master of Technology degree program, tailormade for employed professionals, enables them to stay current on the latest trends in technology and upgrade their professional qualification to embrace lucrative higher positions in top corporates.

Admission to the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course at the Alliance School of Business, Alliance University is strictly based on merit.

B.E/B.Tech/ M.Sc. in Computer Science or Information Technology/ Masters in Computer Application (MCA) from a recognized University OR B.Sc. in Computer Science or Information Technology/ Bachelors in Computer Application (BCA) from recognized university + 2 years of work experience in relevant area.

Admission Process

Program Duration
2 years

Program Curriculum


Semester I: Core Courses Semester II: Core Courses
Course Course
Object Oriented Applications Enterprise Solution Architecture
Advanced Operating System Data Mining and Business Intelligence
Software Quality Assurance Parallel Computing
Advanced Database Management System Advanced Mobile Computing
Organizational Behavior Financial Analysis

Student may select any three elective courses from the following list:

Semester III: Elective Courses Elective Courses (for Sem III)
Course Course
Elective 1 Cloud Computing
Elective 2 Service Oriented Architecture
Elective 3 Internet & e-learning Technology
Minor Project Cyber Technologies
Student needs to submit their minor project by the end of Semester III. Guidelines would be provided separately.

Students may select any two elective Course from the following list:

Semester IV: Elective Courses Elective Courses (for Sem IV)
Course Course
Elective 4 Enterprise Resource Planning
Artificial Intelligence Information & Network Security
Major Project
Student needs to submit their Major Project by the end of Semester IV. Guidelines would be provided separately.

Value Proposition

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