International Student Testimonials


My stay at Evry, France for four weeks for the study abroad program ‘ European Summer School in France 2012’ ferried me through a series of transformational experiences. The program included visits to the International Telecommunication Union and The United Nations in Geneva, The Parliamentarian and European Commission in Brussels. The visits to these great institutions reflected a key aspect that education and culture go hand in hand and the country’s rich heritage is a true manifestation of the mutual and encouraging respect for cultural diversity. A view of Paris from atop Eifel Tower, visiting the Museum of French Monuments, Notre Dame Cathedral, Palace of Versailles, Champs Elysees and Arc de Triomphe, are some of the unforgettable moments for me and these trips allowed me to get first-hand insight into the French history and its architecture. I acknowledge ‘European Summer School in France’ as the most exhilarating experience of my life and would like to thank Alliance University for this truly amazing experience. s

Shweta Tapinder

All this makes no sense to people unaware of the European culture but our entire day revolves around these and much more of its kind. This is what it feels being in Berlin and discovering a new language, new people, new places—all thanks to Alliance University, for this opportunity of a lifetime.

Avanish Reddy

The Dual Degree program at Toulouse Business School included exceptional classroom learning and study visits to various global corporations. I also had the opportunity to learn and understand different cultures through my interactions with peers from all over the world.

Vinay SM

This has so far been one of the best experiences of my student life. Experiencing France first hand through its places and people not only allowed me to discover myself but also persuaded me to explore future opportunities in France. The short but intensive course, ‘The European Management Approach’ gave me a strong foundation in Management concepts with European Union perspectives and a brief insight into the History of Europe.