About the Dean Of Academics

Dr.C. Rajashekhar, B.E., M.E., Ph.D

- Dean Of Law, Alliance University, Bangalore

Dr.C.Rajashekhar has vast experience of teaching law for post graduate students of law for more than three decades. He has specialised in the areas of Constitutional law,Administrative law, Research methods, Judicial process and Cyber law.

Prof.C.Rajashekhar was awarded the doctoral degree in law from Karnatak University for his thesis on “A Critical Study of the law Relating to Humanisation of prisons in India”. He completed a UGC sponsored research project. Prof C.Rajashekhar has authored two books entitled Social Revolution under the Indian Constitution and Humanisation of Prisons in India. He has also edited a book IndianJudiciary :an Audit.

As the chairman of the Post Graduate Department of Law, Karnatak University, he has organised a number of national Conferences, Workshops and Symposia on various legal issues of contemporary relevance. As the principal of the University College of law he successfully organised legal outreach programmes in villages and National moot Court competition.

Dr.C.Rajashekhar served the karnatak University in various capacities. He was the Registrar (Evaluation), Dean , faculty of law for three terms. He has also worked as the Director ,school of Correspondence Education. He was dean of faculty of law of Kuvempu University, and Member of Syndicate and Academic Council of Karnatak University. Currently he is working as Professor of Law in Alliance School of Law.Bangaluru.

1. Humanisation of Prisons in India, Published by Regal Publications, New Delhi,2015.
2. Indian Constitution published by School of Correspondence Education, Karnatak University,
3. Social Revolution and the Indian Constitution Deep and Deep Publications, New Delhi,
4. Edited “Indian Judiciary: An Audit”. Karnatak University, Dharwad -2002.
5. Edited “Nyayanidhi”I.G.Hiregoudar’s Commemorative Volume, Dharwad, 2004.

1. Dynamics of Cyber Defamation , KLE Law Journal,Bangalore,2015.
2. Protection of Domain name in India: An Analysis,Bangalore Law Journal,Bangalore,2015.
3. “An Agenda To Revitalise Legislative Process In India”Contributed to Platinum Jubilee Souvenir Volume of Uttar Pradesh State Bar Council ,2014.
4. “Judicial Role in Providing New Dimensions to Electoral Reforms in India”in Comparative Law &Administrative Law Quarterly, vol.2, no.1 2014
5. “Second chambers in Indian states: need for a fresh look” in Nuances of Law, Department of Law,Bangalore University, Bangalore, 2014.
6. “Waste Paper Recycling And Environmental Protection” in Patil, Dr.C.S,(ed.)In Honour of the Common Man, alumni Association, University college of Law,Dharwad,2013.
7. “Right to Sustainable Consumption” in Consumer Issues and Challenges, Published by National Law School of India University,Bangalore,2012.
8. Right to Consumer Education in State of the Consumer Rights published by Consumer Unity and Trust Society ,Jaipur, 2012.
9. Pursuit of Truth in Research :Hurdles and Pitfalls, in 7.Legal Opus ,SDM Law College,Mangalore,2012.
10. Dr.Ambedkar and Constitution Published by Dr.Ambedkar Study Centre ,Karnatak University, Dharwad, 2010.
11. Legal Aid to the Poor: The Elixer of Justice Legal Opus No.2 (Journal of SDM Law College and Centre for Post Graduate Studies in Law Mangalore) December 2007.
12. Protection of Geographical Indication of Goods ,DESI DOC Bulletin Information Technology, New Delhi, July 2007, 27(4) 37-40
13. Dealing with Criminals: Quest for a Scientific Approach Bangalore Law Journal 2006 (1).
14. Crime and Punishment in Ancient India in Ancient Hindu Law and Administration K.U. Dharwad, 2006
15. “Genetically Modified Crops: Bane or Boon for India?In Environment and Agricultural Management, Legal Problems and Perspectives, Vidhyavardhaka Law College, Mysore 2004.
16. “Protection of Traditional Knowledge: Need for New International Approach” in The changing Law- Lectures on Current Trends in Jurisprudential Thought’‘ Commemorative Volume in honour of Prof. V.B. Coutinho, Bangalore, 2003.
17. Judicial Policing of Prison Mayhem: A Dream Turned a Mirage? in “Indian Judiciary: An Audit” (2002) Department of Studies in Law Karnatak University, Dharwad.
18. Ensuring Free and Fair Election: Role of Election Commission of India, in 26 India Bar Review ( 3&4) 95, 1999.
19. Impact of Judicial Decisions on Prison Conditions: Rhetoric and Reality, in 25 Indian Bar Review (2) 49, 1998.
20. Nehru and Human Rights in Makkar (ed.,) Law, Social Change and Communal Harmony, 172, (1992).
21. Fundamental rights and directive principles of State Policy: Two wheels of the Chariot in (XIV) Cochin University Law Review (CULR), 430 (1990).
22. Bail Reform: An urgent need, in Lex Et Juris, The Law Magazine, June 1989.
23. Free Legal Aid in India in Mulagund (Ed.) Nyaya Nishturi, 356 (1995).

Papers presented in Conferences

International Seminars/Conferences
1.”Changing dimensions of constitutional governance” Paper presented at the International Conference on “Restructuring Political Science in the Age of Globalization” organised by Department of Political Science Karnatak University, Dharwad, 25,26, 27th March, 2011.
2.”Biotechnology and Law”Paper presented at the International Conference on Agri-Biotechnology Organized by University of Agricultural Science, Dharwad, and Karnataka Biotechnology Development Council, Bangalore at Dharwad on 15th and 16th December 2004.
3. “Protection of Traditional Knowledge: Need for New International Approach”. Paper presented at International Inter-disciplinary Seminar on “Intellectual Property Rights: Global and National Perspectives” organized by Department of Law, University of Kerala and SALEC at Trivendrum on 20-22 February 2003.

National Seminars, Symposia , workshops

1.”Prerequisites for Protection of Human Rights”, Paper presented at Two Days’ National Seminar on Changing Dimensions of Human Rights, held on 23-24, January, 2016.
2.“Liability of Internet Service Providers” a paper presented in One Day National Seminar on Information Technology and Cyber Crime Laws-Perspectives and Challenges, organized by J.S.S Sakri Law College, Hubli on 22May 2015.
3.“Sustainable Consumption in India” a paper presented at One Day State Level Seminar on Right to Information Act, 2005, Consumer Protection Laws and Sakala Act, 2011. Organized by M.E.S Law College,Sirsi and Karnataka Institute for Law and Parliamentary Reform,Bangalore on 24th march 2014.
4. “Role played by Judiciary in Electoral Reforms in India” Keynote address delivered at Sankeshwar,2013.
5. ‘Right to Consumer Education in India”Paper presented at National Conclave on Consumer Issues organized by Consumer Unity and Trust Society, Jaipur and Ministry of Consumer Affairs at New Delhi on 11-12, October,2012
6. “Right to Sustainable Consumption in India” Paper presented: at National Seminar on “25 Years of Consumer Protection Act: Challenges and the Way forward “organized by National School of India University, Bangalore on 22-23,Sept 2012.
7. “Law Relating to Guarantee of Services to Citizens” Paper presented at the U.G.C. sponsored One Day Legal Awareness Workshop on “Karnataka Guarantee of Services to Citizens Act” organized by Department of Studies in Law, Karnatak University, Dharwad on 28th March 2012.
8. “Enforcement of Human Rights” paper presented at the Seminar on “Media and Human Rights” organized by KILPAR Bangalore and University College of Law, at Dharwad on 19.11.2011.
9. “Protection of Human Rights and Indian Constitution”, presented in one day State Level Seminar on “ Human Rights”, Organised by KILPAR, Bangalore and DBHPS Law College, at Koppal on 9th April 2011
10. “Social responsibility of Media” paper presented at the One day “Workshop on Media and Social Responsibility”, organized KILPAR, Bangalore and University College of Law Dharwad on 18th March 2011, as Resource Person.
11. “Rights of Women Prisoners: An Agenda for Reform” Paper presented at theNational Workshop on Women’s Rights organized by University College of Law & P.G. Department of Law in Association with NHRC New Delhi, 14-15 October, 2006.
12. “ Constitutional background to Right to Information” paper presented at the One Day Seminar on “Right to Information Act, 2005” organised by K.L.E. Society’s Law College, Chikodi on 24th September 2006.
13. “Crime and Punishment in Ancient India”.paper presented at the National seminar on “Ancient Hindu Law and Administration – as reflected in Vedic Smriti Literature “ on 21-123 September 2005, organized by Department for Sanskrit, Karnatak University, Dharwad,
14.“Protection of Traditional Knowledge “Paper presented at the Two Days National Workshop on “Intellectual Property Rights: Legal Implications and Awareness” at G.K. Law College, Hubli, sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, New Deli, on 27th & 28th August 2005.
15.“Legal aid Legal literacy and Human Rights”Paper presented at theNational Workshop on “Human Rights awareness and Training”, organized by Department of studies in Law, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga under the sponsorship of NHRC, New Delhi on 8th & 9th October 2005.
15.“Protection of Traditional Knowledge” Paper presented at the Two Days State Level Conference on “Intellectual Property Rights” organized by Shri. S.R.N. Arts & MBS Commence College, Bagalkot on 12-13 January 2006,
16.“ Legal literacy and Human Rights” . Paper presented at the National Workshop on “Human Rights awareness and Training”, organized by Department of studies in Law, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga under the sponsorship of NHRC, New Delhi on 8th & 9th October 2005
17.“Legal Protection of Databases” paper presented at the National Seminar on “Mass Media and Intellectual Property Rights” organized by Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, Mangalore University,. Mangalore, on 28-29 March, 2005.
18. Paper presented “Mitakshara on Debts” at the National Seminar on “Importance of Vijnaneshwara’sMitakshara to Twenty First Century India”, organized by Department of studies in Law, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga on 30th & 31st December 2004.
19. “Genetically Modified Crops: Bane or Boon for India?” Paper presented at the K.Puttaswamy Memorial State Level Seminar on Environment and Agricultural Management- Legal Problems and Perspectives at Centenary Hall, Mysore University, Mysore on 21-22 March 2003.
20. “Rights of Women Prisoners”- A paper presented at the Seminar on Women empowerment Legislative and Judicial Audit organised by the J.S.S. Law College Hubli on 24th February 2002.
21. “Sentencing Policy; Need for Reforms “Presented at the Seminar on Reforms of Criminal Justice System on 26.1.2002 organised by University College of Law, Dharwad.
22. "Ensuring Free and Fair Elections: Role of Election Commission of India". A paper presented at the "National Seminar on Electoral Reforms" at the P.G. Department of Law, University of Mysore, Mysore India, 5th November, 1994.
23. "Educational Rights of the Minorities: 'A critique' paper presented at the U.G.C. Sponsored National Seminar on Dr.BabasahebAmbedkar's Legal Philosophy and contemporary thoughts" at the Department of Law, University of Poona, Pune, 19th March, 1992.
24. "Legal Services Authorities in India : A critique" paper presented at the U.G.C. sponsored seminar on Legal Education, Legal Practice and Legal Aid held on the 18th of March, 1991 under the auspices of the Department of Law, Karnatak University, India, 1991.
25. "Conservation of Natural Resources : A battle to be won" paper presented at the U.G.C. Sponsored All India Seminar on Law and Environment at the Department of Law, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin, India, 15th of March, 1990.
26. "Nehru and Human rights" Paper presented at the National Seminar on Law, Social change and Communal harmony held under the auspices of the Association of Law Graduates, Jalandhar, India, on 30th of September, 1989.

Awards Received
1.Lalana Narayana Gold Medal for securing First Rank in LL.M
2.Pramesh Chandra Guru Cash Prize for First Rank in LL.M