Corporate Social Responsibility at Alliance University has evolved to include the participation of all stakeholders: students, faculty, non-government organizations (NGO), and the local community. Over the years the students and faculty at the University have actively participated in outreach program initiatives where they contribute their knowledge, skills, and technical expertise to the community. At the same time, the University also has supported the program activities of several NGO’s operating in the community.

CSR at the University encourages and propels students to imbibe the qualities of enlightened leadership and thereby instills in them a level of trust and confidence about themselves and the community. The values of social responsibility qualities, the students imbibe are:

  • Genuine respect for others and their points of view
  • The ability to be sensitive to draw a line when making profits and contributing towards social investment
  • Strong personal integrity and reaching out to those whose lives they can touch and make a difference
  • Ability to handle challenging situations and providing workable solutions for the same

Corporate social responsibility at the Alliance University will align itself and work towards achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals, by 2015. In this context, several innovative programs in the thematic areas of health, education, environment, livelihood, natural resource management, and the preservation of traditional arts and culture as well as other related areas, are being designed and to be implemented in future. These innovative programs are developed bearing in mind the local cultural context and the needs of people. Apart from funding various activities of the communities, the University’s also extends the expertise in terms of knowledge and human resources for the success of the programs.

CSR Mission of the University

  • Alliance University, Corporate Social Responsibility department aspires to become a Centre of Excellence through a series of collaborations with NGO’S and government agencies for CSR projects on thematic areas such as health, education , environment and community development
  • Alliance University empowers students by providing opportunities to participate in social outreach programs of the University so as to enable them to serve the underprivileged section of the society, and enhance their quality of life by willingly contributing skills and knowledge
  • Incorporating and integrating CSR education in the curriculum of all schools and colleges

Road Map

2011 – 2012

Introduce CSR as a credit-based subject at the University and take it to a level of visibility among various stakeholders; students, faculty, and employees of the University; formulate the CSR mission, and policy as well as constitute an Advisory Committee for CSR initiatives.

2012 – 2013

Integration of the CSR course to field action projects in collaboration with all stakeholders.

2013 – 2014

Establish strategic partnerships with NGO’s and other organizations and initiate engagement with the stakeholders on projects.

2014 – 2015

Focus on corporate citizenship for the University through social outreach programs in the community and strategic partnerships; develop CSR newsletters and other publications.

2015 – 2016

Bringing in truly innovative CSR models that are scalable and that can be replicated on a global scale; establish a Centre of Excellence for Corporate Citizenship to initiate global partnerships with an international university.


Julie Scott : In Mind And Heart, Never Far From Home

A dental check -up was organized by the CSR Department in collaboration with Apollo Dental Care where 60 faculty, staff and students underwent preliminary oral health checkup.
Professional dentists had come for this diagnostic camp

Career Guidance Program for Government School Children on February 21, 2015

CSR Dept in collaboration with Dreampath Foundation organized a “Career Tree “program for the full day for 250 Government School Children from ASB Girls High School, ASB School and Govt. High School, Marasur.
Ms. Krupa Chakravarty, Ms Prathiba and their team of 6 volunteers conducted the interactive sessions with students.
Renowned speakers were invited to speak to the Std X students on the importance of selecting a career after completing Std X. Vocational courses were emphasized to help the students to get into skill training. Personality assessments tests were conducted for each student that help them identify the skills required for every profession. Apart from the session a career exhibition was also organized and booklets were given to the students comprising information of various courses in Bangalore.
A special thanks to Prof Reeba Korah, Prof Priyaranjini Rao and the ACED student volunteers for their excellent support to make the program a grand success.

Alliance University in the process of establishing various schools of specialisations , the present being School of Business, recognises its Corporate responsibility towards protection and conservation of environment at their campuses and at the local communities that we operate in.

The University recognises that our Schools will have direct and indirect impacts on the environment and we hope to strive to manage these in a responsible manner. All stakeholders of the University will be expected to manage all energy resources, renewable and non renewable in a responsible way.

Alliance University at their School will employ the best practices for management of the environment at their campuses. To ensure the above, the University and the stakeholders will strive to:

  • Check and Prevent pollution to reduce health hazards
  • Recycle, Reuse and Reduce waste
  • Manage Natural Resources in a sustainable manner and ensure optimal use of resources like land and water
  • Proactively respond to the challenges of climate change by adopting cleaner methods
  • Promote efficient use of energy and environment friendly technologies

Students Participation through ECO CLUBS for CLEAN and GREEN Campus

  • Say ” NO ” to Plastics – Campaign by students. All stakeholders will be requested to carry paper bags and cloth bags in the campus
  • Students to plant saplings in the campus. Nursery available and maintained in the campus
  • Disposal of e waste in an appropriate manner
  • Reduce paper waste in offices and use of recycled paper
  • Switch off electricity and computers when not in use
  • Switch off water taps and plug in leaking taps
  • Using of bicycles inside the campus and avoid using vehicles that emit carbon monoxide
  • Sanitation and hygiene programme in schools and villages communities


  • Installing rainwater harvesting systems
  • Waste water management systems like recycling sewage water for gardening
  • Organic methods of composting — Vermicompost
  • Use of solar energy for electricity—in offices, hostels, streets
  • Recharge pits/trenches inside the campus for ground water recharge of borewells
  • Separate dry and wet garbage at the food court and recycle them to produce bio gas in future
  • Increase medicinal plants to improve the air inside the campus
  • Environment awareness programmes in the local communities and schools with collaboration with NGO’s

Future Plans

  • Setting up a bio diversity park in the campus
  • Inclusion of more traditional medicinal plants inside the campus
  • Participating in the awareness programmes in the community
  • More waste reduction methods and recycling methodologies to be used – Bio Gas plant in the canteen
  • Creating a more eco friendly environment
  • Eco Club of students

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