Certificate in Kuchipudi


  • Brief knowledge of classical dances of India.
  • Brief study of Kuchipudi style.
  • Knowledge of Kelika, Yakshagana, Kalapam, Nrutya Natika etc
  • Brief study of Abhinaya and its four aspects
  • Brief study of Anga, Pratyanga and Upanga.
  • Knowledge of the technical terms related to dance
  • Knowledge of the names of Asamyuta Hastas and Samyuta Hastas.
  • Knowledge of the names of Shiro, Greeva and Drishtibheda with Shlokas from Abhinaya Darpanam.
  • Brief study of Saptatala and Pancha jaathis.
  • Great people who have contributed to the field of Kuchipudi


  • Basic exercises in Kuchipudi combined with hand, feet, eyes and neck movement.
  • Natyarambham shloka, Samyuta and Asamyuta, Nrutta Hastas with shlokas.
  • Pada Bheda, Head movements, Neck movements, Eye movements etc.
  • Basic steps (as per Dr.Vempatti master's style)
  • Jathis
  • Pooja
  • Jatiswaram (Athana raagam)